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We've got a combined 30 years experience in car restoration and repairs at Driven Performance, and we love cars and motorcycles just as much as you do. Our obsession with breathing life back into old classics is what drives our work. Let us help you get your baby back on the road.


A great starting point for your car. Let our expertise take the wheel to identify any issues you may have lying under the hood.


Get your engine back up and roaring. Our shop specializes in beautification, overhaul & rebuild, performance modification, and engine & driveline transplants. Let's make your cool car the reliable daily driver you dream about.


Often overlooked, this could be your most important upgrade.  Drum brakes may work, but they tend to fade.  Also, old drum systems utilized the “suicide” master cylinder which upon failure could result in the dreaded no brakes emergency.  A new disc brake system with proportioned master cylinder will slow and stop your classic car just like a modern car of today.


Driven Performance runs the gamut here. All makes. All models. All motorcycles. We ride.


The look and performance perfect for your tastes. A lowered center of gravity increases riding performance and looks super cool. Air-ride provides that perfect look with adjustability on-the-fly. Say "no" to a wallowing ride or unnecessary suspension clunks.


Really, there is no one better! The technicians at Driven Performance cut their teeth installing exhaust systems.  Exhaust sound and feel is really the heartbeat of your cool car.  It’s now an art form; one that separates us all from the others.  Header selection and install, full systems, “out the side”, custom exhaust tips, and the list goes on.


Get your classic car back on the road. We offer both comprehensive and mechanical restoration, as well as paint and body. 


From frame repair and building, to welding, cutting and installations...we do it all.


Your transmission, differential and driveshaft is really where the power is. Gain the secret of torque and acceleration without touching the engine.

our services

Prevent your "baby" from the risk of fire. Wiring integrity is the most critical source for safety and reliability. You may just need wiring repair. Increase your car's value with all new wiring. Imagine all of your accessorities and guages working!

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